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Warsong 2v2 & 3v3 Tournament

Tearz a posted Mar 2, 12

The leading Horde PvP guild <hy> is hosting a 2v2 & 3v3 Tournament on Sunday, 11.3.

Event will be moved to some other date - as wow-one forums are down, we do not have enough people participating.

The tournament will take place @ STV arena.

Entry fee

Every team will pay our referee the following amount of gold - the team which wins the whole tournament takes it all.

2v2 team - 500g / Team
3v3 team - 1000g / Team


The starting teams will play against each other 3 times (best of 3 wins), to eliminate RNG wins. Losing team will be out from the


- Iron Grenades allowed
- Bandages allowed
- Eating & Drinking in game allowed

- No cooldowns over 10 minutes can be used
- No engineering gadgets allowed (which means reflectors, netomatics, etc)
- No potions allowed
- No buffs outside your team allowed
- No bugged items allowed (this includes the priest bwl class trinket, ironfoe, green whelp chest, etc)

Breaking these rules gets your team disqualified from the tournament.

Registering your team

If you wan't to join, send a PM for me on these forums - including your team name, guild names, all players and classes.

More information coming later!
Guyd Good idea, it depends on the grenades. If grenades won't be allowed I wont participate because I simply cannot win ...
Drig yea please no granades, just poor skill
Brutalhart Lower the entry fee... 100g / character

<hy> recruiting

Tearz a posted Jan 23, 12
About <hy>

HELLO, <hy> is a level 60 PvP guild, playing on Feenix server.

- Enjoy competitive PVP? (premade vs. premade, duel tournaments, etc.)
- Love to fuck up enemy raids?
- Enjoy world pvp?

Then <hy> may be looking for you! Read on to find out how you can apply.

We're an EU guild, our raid/premade times will be in the GMT+1 timezone (EST+6)


1. We expect you to know how to play your class exceptionally and preferably you should (by now) also know how to play at least 5 classes in vanilla at a top standard.

2. You need to be aged 18 or over, if you're not, you must show a substantial level of maturity and competence – the overall vibe, humour and language in the guild is rated R – if you can't take the occasional obnoxious joke and you don't like mature language then this guild isn't for you. As we expect our members to have an underlying sense of maturity, we allow trolling. However, players found continuously trolling and using pointless obscenities (especially in world chat) wont be in the guild for very long - it's all in good fun, but continuous harassment of players for individual gain through childish trolling is against our rules.

3. We're not here to boost you in ranks or get you gear.

You must also meet at least one of these requirements before applying;

1. You have reached at least 2k MMR in any bracket on retail (s1-s8) or Arena Tournament
2. You have released a PVP video which shows your gameplay
or, you can prove that you are worth it by dueling our members.

We don't care if you've reached rank 14 on retail if you don't meet any of these requirements; it's imperative that you know up to date strategies and tactics since vanilla PVP is extremely simple, it's the little things that top players do that matter.

It's important to note however that if you don't meet any of the requirements but you show potential in whatever area we chose to test you in, you'll be considered.

Interested in joining? Please post an application, or whisper Tearz ingame.
Tearz a lold
pepotismenos im a mature player and im willing t be tested or inspected in the way im playing my warrior t fill up your ranks.. /w me...

Current <hy> lineup

Tearz a posted Nov 30, 11